Yahoo and Gmail Bulk Email Deliverability Changes

Yahoo and Gmail Bulk Email Deliverability Changes

Major changes will take place starting February 2024 regarding newsletter deliverability. Gmail and Yahoo put together new rules that require newsletter senders to additional steps to prevent emails to be marked as spam. It’s very important to comply with them to ensure that your emails continue to reach your subscribers.

What does it mean to you?

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How to rearrange tabs on your Facebook page for business

How to Rearrange Tabs on Your Facebook Page for Business

This article is for those who want to improve their Facebook pages for business, but do not know how.
You created a Facebook page; you added a few tabs, photo albums, reviews, maybe some videos. But your visitors cannot find the most important tabs because they are on the bottom of the sidebar.
What can you do?

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Best Free Website Builders

Read reviews of best free website builders before you venture to create your own. 8 best builders selected and analyzed with descriptions, pros, and cons.

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Facebook styling

How to Add a Sign-Up Form to Your Facebook Page

This article is for those who want to expand their mailing list, have a Facebook page for business, but do not know how to connect those two.
So, you have a mailing list and a Facebook page for business. How to you get your followers to become your subscribers?

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Newsletter services and what they are about

Newsletters and What They are About

Have you thought about getting in touch with your potential customers, but did not know the right way to do it?
Did you think it must be hard, complicated, and probably expensive?
Have you been sending e-mails instead of newsletters, putting all your recipients in “CC” or “BCC” field?
Then this article is for you!

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Новостные рассылки и с чем их едят

Новостные рассылки и с чем их едят

Эта статья для тех, кто хотел бы поддерживать контакт со своими клиентами или подписчиками.
Вы уже создали свой бизнес, привлекли подписчиков или список потенциальных клиентов.
Как же их держать в курсе дела ?