https://www.yesiweb.com Maria Azizian MD FACS, Mindful Medical Care PC, Falmouth, MA

“Thank you very much for working on our clinic scheduling project. You were amazing, and so efficient. My medical software IT team was pleasantly surprised that everything was done by you on the website front already. I brought you up as an example of professionalism and efficiency.
Thank you very much,”

https://www.yesiweb.com Nine Fine, MySelf Spa

“I'm so happy I decided to work with Yes I Web. Yulia is an outstanding professional. She helped me with some very creative flyers and posters. Also, she gave me a lot of help in improving my website. She kept her word regarding time and budget. Highly recommend.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Studio of Engaging Math

“Thank you so much Yuliya!!!
I don't know what we would do without you.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Ekaterina Asmus

“In 3 days my website, that hadn't even been shown by Google, appeared on the second page!”

https://www.yesiweb.com Beadelia

“Yuliya is a pleasure to work with. The website she created from my sketchy description is better than I had hoped it could be. It is exactly what I wanted and could not express.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Pure Line Skincare

“I couldn't be happier with my choice of using Yes I Web for Pure Line Skin Care new website. Yulya is easy to work with and helped me make a website in a short amount of time.

Thanks again for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!”

https://www.yesiweb.com Newton Violin Studio

“Yuliya created a poster for Newton Violin Studio at my request. She did a great job with the design – very creative, yet following all specifications. It was on time and on budget. I recommend her highly.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Nigun Chamber Ensemble

“I have worked with Yuliya on a number of projects, including Nigun Chamber Ensemble website, artwork for my CD, and editing video clips. I was extremely impressed with the quality of her work, her artistic vision, her versatility, her technical skills, and her reaction to my requests, and her attitude in willing to achieve the best result.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Auberge Gladstone Historic Plymouth Guest House

“Yuliya has been doing our website for about two years, and she is supremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. We love having her expertise and experience on board; we have noticed a definite increase in traffic and reservations since she has helped us!! It is so comforting to know that our site is in good hands.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Pioneer Institute

“Yuliya is a pleasure to work with. She is quick, personable and makes every effort to fully understand my needs as her client. I never heard 'We can't do this' from her. She looks for creative solutions to deliver the best product. We have received great feedback from the website she built for us.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Igor Photography

“Yuliya Shulman of 'Yes I Web' has created a logo for my Company that I totally loved and was using for my www.IgorPhotography.com web site for a long while. I had some bidding process among several designers and Yuliya came out first, in terms of understanding of Customer needs and budget. What she has created then was far beyond my expectations, that typically are high – I work on art images and wanted the logo to be on par and how I specified it. Yuliya has added a lot to it, for the better, in terms of creativity, taste and graphics skills – regardless of my logo likes and dislikes of other people, I loved what I got and still consider it a very good artistic job. I would certainly highly recommend Yuliya for all web site and design work – and I do often, as I got away from web to photo. Thank you, Yuliya!”

https://www.yesiweb.com Mikhail Sukharsky

“My concerts wouldn't be such a success without your poster!”

https://www.yesiweb.com Maya Gerr

“I am writing to express my gratitude for making my art visible to everyone via Internet. I really enjoyed working with you on my web site, which substantially changed the way I present my oil paintings and watercolors. I appreciate that you put a lot of thought both in organizational principles of the web site and in all aspects of visual expression. The web site is informative and interactive. It presents my art exactly the way I envisioned!

I would like to add that working on the web site and discussing artistic and technical details with you was a pleasure. I felt that all my concerns were taken very seriously and it was very easy to communicate them. Thank you very much!”

https://www.yesiweb.com Kelly Mara

“Yuliya Shulman of Yesiweb just finished reincarnating my yoga business website. Not only is Yuliya an absolute expert in the field of web and graphic design, she listens to your business needs, gains an understanding of your personality, and makes professional suggestions that improve website content, visual appeal, color appeal, to depict the genuine mission of your business. Yuliya is friendly, efficient, clear in communication, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to obtain superior service and a user-friendly website.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Slovo – studio for the study of Russian history and literature

“It was a pleasure working with Yuliya, who created my advertisement. She has great working ethics, listens to her customer, carefully follows the instructions. I felt she was as invested and interested in the result as I was. She is knowledgeable, her suggestions brought improvements. Our project became a successful and pleasant collaboration.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Natasha Landau

“I needed a Web Site to show my work to film producers and directors, but had no idea how to set one up. Yuliya understood what I needed and made it happen quickly. She organized and designed the site so it's easy to navigate and see my designs. It's made my life easier and I couldn't be happier.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Romantic Tour travel agency

“To anyone who's still thinking of asking help of Yuliya Shulman, we'd recommend not to take this decision lightly. Consider the consequences.

The advice is not vain: once you've seen your advertisement by Yuliya, you won't want to hear about another designer.

Because no one will do it the way she does.

Not that Yuliya herself ever work in 'just like ...' style. The God gave her a rare gift: not only to see and understand the unique nature of your busines, but also to convey it to others – your customers, your clients, as well as yourselves. Examples are not hard to find: when we first saw our new advertisement, we learned something about our business that we hadn't even guessed during more than ten years of the existence of Romantic Tour. And it looks like this enlightenment touched not only us. Even though last few years we couldn't complain about the lack of clients, we don't think we'd ever received so many phone calls as we did after the Kontakt magazine came out with our advertisement on the cover – the one drawn by Yuliya, of course.”

https://www.yesiweb.com Timur Kholodenko

“It is now 4 years passed, as I use YesIweb for my web designing needs. And I can only say that there was no instance when Yulia couldn't fix any problem quickly and sufficiently. I also like that Yulia gets involved with designing presses. The other company, I used prior to YesIweb, was only implementing my own outlines, never letting me know if it was good or a bad idea. This way I was learning with my own mistakes, but the company was charging for the each change they had to make. Hance, I think if you want an active participation and solid performance from the designing team of the YesIweb, you are in the right place.”

https://www.yesiweb.com AA Repair Services

“Very happy with Yuliya's help; very professional, fast, efficient, and friendly. I don't know much about computers or websites, and she made the entire experience very easy. Highly recommend to anyone!”

https://www.yesiweb.com By the Bay

“I really like Yes I Web for professional work, prompt solving all upcoming issues. It is a very reliable service. strongly recommend. Yulia created my web magazine and helps in maintenance. I am happy to work with Yulia”

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